Computer Viruses and Willie Nelson Joke

Well, my story is too long and frustrating.  But, I finally got McAfee to help me remove the virus. 

Also, I finally got telephone numbers written  down, so the next time I can just call McAfee.  The virus had hold of my computer, so I could not go online to search for help.  If anyone ever needs the numbers to McAfee, please write these numbers down now, before you need them. 

McAfee Techincal Difficulties:  1-877-722-4513 
McAfee Customer Service: 1-866-622-3911

Now, tomorrow back to the fun of blogging.

The woman invites the postal carrier to come inside to receive his Christmas Bonus.  She takes him into the bedroom and she really takes care of him.  After, she takes him into the kitchen and makes him bacon and eggs, and biscuits and gravy.  Finally, she gives him a dollar.  “Hey, what just happened here?” he asks.  Oh, I asked my husband what I should give you for Christmas and he said, “Screw him!  Give him a dollar!”  “Breakfast was my idea.”

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