Count your blessings!

Have been on a whirlwind of busy.

Yesterday, Young Living Essential Oils, had a 12-hour flash sale and I played along for the entire 12 hours.

Let’s just say that I am seriously learning about essential oils – overload. lol

So busy.

Feel like I am running every where.

Guess that’s good.

Still looking for the sweet spot.

Seems I’m either running or stopping.

Although, even when I am stopping, am running.

My plate is full, and am enjoying learning lots of new things.

Learning is always my favorite thing.


Just received a call from Kwang Wellness Center.

We have to stop the liver detox and go back to the Immune Booster for now.

They just received the results from my DNA sample, and my immune system is still too low.

Really happy that we are dealing with this finally.

I just know that eventually that I will be so much healthier.

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