CPAP Loaner

Okay. I am hooked up to electricity at the Elks in Hillsboro.
Yes, of course, it is raining. Ugh! It is always raining.
Hooked up the CPAP that Kaiser has loaned to me. Slept with it last night. Worked out pretty well. Think I will stay here through the weekend and then see if I can have an additional
12 volt outlet hooked up near my bed next week. I am back up to
188 pounds. Bought some diet supplements at GNC, so started taking them this morning. Cross fingers. But I don’t really care. If the weight doesn’t fall off, I am leaving Oregon when I am completed with all the CPAP, and return when I have the weight issue working. Just like I needed to get off the East Coast from all of the humidity, I need to get out of the Pacific Northwest with all of the rain. Weather is very distracting. LOL!
I must be a little princess. hehehe

Oy Vey! Working on some projects now that I am hooked up to electricity – and these diet pills have kicked in – cramping, gas and diarrhea. So taking care of that. The pills must go.
I may take a vacation and go to Cancun, Mexico and have my breast reduction. Sun!

Wow! For the first time, I FINALLY watched TV in my van to day. So proud of myself. Even though I watched all old TV reruns on TVLand. I love going to the movies. Not so much TV. But still pretty proud of myself! Only took a year and a half! Lol

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