CPAP rain and TV?

Not a happy camper. Tee hee. Get it. I am camping. Or not really. Okay, I am not happy. It just keeps raining. The TV stopped working. I think it was raining too hard. I don’t have my appointment with Kaiser until November 9th. Hopefully will get a prescription for CPAP. Not sure if I need to mail order the travel CPAP that I need. If I do, think I will have it shipped to Barstow. Tonight is Halloween. Perhaps tomorrow or Monday I will drive to Bend, Oregon, about four hours from here. Looks like a little better weather. Feeling trapped with the rain, needing to stay plugged in for the CPAP. Everything opposite of what I want. Pretty sure tonight I might have a problem finding another location, because surprisingly Halloween is now a big holiday with RVers.

Very happy. Leaving for Bend in the morning. Should be lots of blue skies for the week. And Daylight Saving Time. Get a whole extra hour tomorrow.

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