Dad Passed Away Thursday Afternoon

January 30, 2014  approximately 4:00pm. dad passed away.  Had such a great day all day.  Dad and I went to Pleasanton and visited with Uncle Joe all day and the three of us went to Tina’s and had coffee and donuts.  Came home.  I left at quarter to three and went swimming at the gym.  Came home at 4:00pm.  Walked in the door and dad was laying on his back on the kitchen floor.  The water in the kitchen sink was running.  He had been washing a couple of dishes.  Looks like he just fell asleep, and slipped quietly onto the floor.  No bumps, no bruises, did not look like a hard fall, just a quiet slip.  He was not breathing.  I knew instantly.   I gently shook him, but knew he was not there.  Called 911 immediately and yelled out the door for Bill Mack next door.  Bill did CPR until the fire department arrived.  We did not resuscitate.  He was gone and he was at peace.  He had his big smile on his face and looked so peaceful.  I took a valium.  Guess it’s time for the next chapter in my life to begin.  Dad had a good life and I hope to have mine continue to be good also.  Never been on my own before.  That is a big adventure.  I’m nervous and excited at the same time.  I feel so happy that dad looked so peaceful.

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