Dad’s Big Hernia Tummy

Took dad to the doctor’s today because ever since he had his hernia operation, he now has a big hernia on the outside.  And it keeps growing bigger and harder.  Today we had to give away ALL of his pants to the Salvation Army.  The doctor says that it will continue growing, simply because dad is so crooked.  I forget the technical reason why that makes it more difficult, but it does.  He gave him another stomach binder and said if dad will wear it, it would help keep it from growing so fast.  Dad says it is really a lot of work to get that binder on, but he is going to try to wear it more.  So, we shall see.  We went to the store and bought him some more pants.  Of course, he has shrunk 7″ – down from 5’11” and now at 5’4″ – so we are getting the pants hemmed today.  I was laughing today, because the more he shrinks, the bigger his hernia gets.  But, the hernia is pink and healthy, and with dad being so crooked, the doctor says that hernia is actually what is helping dad breathe, so we should be happy it is a big and healthy hernia.  Yes, breathing is good and we are very happy with lots of healthy breathing.

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