Deep breaths are like little love notes for your body.

Yesterday afternoon, Skipper and I took our first walk. We walked up to Marshall’s, which is about 1/4 mile from here. Uphill. Poor Skipper. We had to stop a few times. One positive thing, Skipper says that he is going to start adding potatoes to his meals. Funny timing, since I am currently still eating potatoes, but definitely stalling in the weight loss. Guess my body is doing it’s thing. For some reason, I am back up to 171 pounds. Only eating potatoes. A bit of plateauing. Temporarily, I hope. I think it is pretty natural. I did lose 18 pounds in September, so it looks like October is going to be much less weight loss. But, I am just going to continue to go forward. I know the weight loss will begin to continue again. When it’s ready. People say to stop getting on the scales – but, I’m more fascinated than frustrated. I know that it will begin to move downward again, when it’s ready.

Had one of my crazy bursts of energy at 2:30am this morning. It is currently 4:30am. So, I got up and got dressed and went outside. The moon is almost full. It was nice and warm and beautiful outside. Dark and quiet. I grabbed the Giant sweeping broom the workers still have here – along with all their other tools they left in my garage. And, I went outside and swept up all the rocks and dirt and sand. Then I took a fun walk around the block. Came home and washed the dishes. Two hours later, I’m still up and wide awake.

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