Sitting quietly, notice breath through nose.  Ask yourself “Who am I and what do I want?”  What is my purpose?”    Listen.

Also:  “I” (Breathe In)  “Am”  (Breathe Out)

“I” (Breathe In)  “Am”  (Breathe Out)

“I” (Breathe In)  “Am”  (Breathe Out)

This morning we took dad to the dentist to fix his new lower partial plate.  Then Uncle Joe came over to our house and we made several calls for him to Anthem Blue Cross for Auntie Isabel – he will be receiving a refund; AAA, to check on his receipt; and Dr. Apte – got his schedule straightened out; and then we all had a fun lunch at Yanni’s Grill Café at the Auto Auction cafeteria.  This afternoon, dad and I went back to the dentist to pick up his new partial plate.

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