Where does the time go. Went to movies in Yuma Sunday and saw Annie. Drove to San Diego and went to 24 Hour Fitness and went swimming and spent the night parked in a neighborhood. Drove into Anaheim and went to Disneyland yesterday. Spent most of the day in California Adventure. Lots of street entertainment, day and night. My Fitbit says I walked over 27,000 steps! Cheri called me late last night. Ruthie has had a heart attack in Tracy. Tony and Susan are flying down there. Strange thing is, Skipper and Cheri are still going to come here tomorrow for Christmas – because the prime rib is here. lol We are all going to stay at Tony and Susan’s condo, but they will be in Tracy. Seems strange to me, but I think it will be fun. Today I am trying so hard to get organized. My list is long, and I am taking it one baby step at a time. Always feel better when I am organized. Definitely enjoying my time on my own. Not sure what I will choose to do come January.

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