Do more of the things that give you pleasure.

Not sure I will be able to update my blog while I am in Mexico. We are leaving in the morning. They say we will have free wifi in the office. So, maybe I can take my iPad in their. I really would like to because even though I don’t say much on my blog, I like to try and keep a small record of some of the things I do each day. Today I actually used my stove – Twice! Boiled hot dogs. Thinking of getting a 2 quart Dutch oven to make soups, stew, beans, rice etc. I am a little nervous about going to Mexico. One guy who just came back, had Montezuma’s Revenge for two weeks. Another guy said if you wanted to come back early, he wouldn’t come back alone. There are 22 of us, in 22 RVs caravanning tomorrow. This will be a memorable experience.

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