Do small things with great love.

We took my van over to Dragonfly Detail and had John give the van her yearly wax. He did a really nice job. Had it done in about four hours. Mike, Jessie, Jim, Katie and the kids came over for Mother’s Day. Everyone is pretty exhausted. We had a nice day. Kept it simple. Tonight, LindaRae, Don, Tammie and I went to Portland to an Irish Pub and listened and enjoyed live music by Darby O’Gill, which is really a two-man band. Scott, and I’m not sure of the other name. There were other people in the pub, but just us and another couple sat at two tables and we had a personal show. They played for us for almost three hours. It was great fun. I would love to do it again. Love live entertainment, and they were not on stage. They just came and sat and played their instruments, a guitar and an accordion, and sang to us. Also, went online and joined with videos and courses on eating a plant based diet. Sure would like to get healthier naturally. Know I can do it. One step at a time.

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