While I was resetting my cell phone back to default and cleared everything out – it still was miserable and unhappy.  Started looking seriously for another cell phone.  Happened upon Reviews of MY cell phone on Amazon and someone had posted a “Fix” from Virgin Mobile.  Telephone ##CLEAR#  Click Menu  Click Reset.  Yep.  That easy.  So far my little phone is SO HAPPY.  And so am I!  I reloaded my contacts and kindle back on.  Really just as happy that all that other stuff that I have loaded on is gone.  Cross fingers she stays happy.

Bill and Carol Mack brought their fish over for us to babysit while they are on their Caribbean cruise until April 17th.  Carol said the fish did not have a name.  Of course, dad immediately name him “Luigi”.  That’s the name he can remember!  lol  It sure is going to be quiet around here with Bill.  He calls and comes over about twenty times a day.  This has been a fun day.

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