Don’t give up now. Your dreams are so close!

Such an emotional day.  The cough is still in my chest, but it is quieter.  Thankfully.  Took another full Xanax last night.  Good, because I slept all night.  But, naturally, a full Xanax is too strong for me, and I have slept away most of today.  Medications always stay in my body super extra long times.    My heart is aching so much for Luigi.  Just before we took Luigi to the SPCA Wednesday, I put a quick ad on Craigslist, and I have had a lot of responses.  I have responded to all of them, and am really hoping that a loving family goes and gets him.  I was told up until Tuesday that I can call and get a status on him.  Do I dare?  Will that make me feel better or worse.  If he does not find a home, or doesn’t pass their tests, or is not picked up by one of the other Humane clinics, he could be put to sleep.  There is so much emotion running through me, I just don’t know.  No more Xanax tonight and hopefully, tomorrow I will be more awake and can think clearer.

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