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Cinnamon Magorno

Cinnamon Magorno

My beautiful niece.  Gotta Love Her!

Dad and I went to lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel today at Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant in Castro Village.  They have remodeled everything and it looks so nice, and the food was especially delicious, and even the service was amazing!  We had lots of fun.  Then dad and I went and visited Bob Byrd at Gateway.  He is looking much better after his fall.  He should be coming home in a few days.  He is 91.  Then we visited Frank Mendes.  Not looking too good.  He has been in the hospital three weeks.  Not really eating, labored breathing, fluid in chest and kidneys not looking good.  Not quite sure which direction he is going, but it’s slow either way.  Harold Moore just died.  Age 95.  Pretty good.  He was one Terrific Guy!  Luigi didn’t want to eat his beef heart tonight, but he gobbled up his canned Green Tripe.  Think I will try and cut the beef heart into small pieces another day, and see if he might enjoy that better.  Little dogs can be so finicky.  lol





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