Dream. Decide. Do!

Good News!  For several weeks now, I have been measuring my sleep with my FitBit Flex and usually it shows about 3 hours sleep each night – I am a Very Restless Sleeper.  Last night, was my first night to use my new Mosaic Weighted Blanket – and I registered 5 hours 21 minutes!  Sure hope this continues.  I would LOVE to become a better – more rested – sleeper. This morning, dad and I are going to the movies and see Medea, by Tyler Perry.  Should be a good comedy.

Movie was okay.  Taped and watched both the 49ers and the Raiders.  Both great games.  Cooked ham and scrambled eggs for dinner.  For dessert we cut up and shared a delicious Prindles caramel apple that dad received for Christmas from Eddie and Perlita.  Tonight I signed up with www.Audible.com for audio books.  Have been wanting to try it for quite a while.  Nice day.

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