Dreamers go farther.

Skipper and I finished our third and last day of Boots on the Ground class. Great class. Learned so much. Embassy Suites is under a complete construction re-do and the entire hotel is loud and torn apart and none of the services are offered. But, we still had a lot of fun. We drove two fellow students home to the city of Corona. One of them flies back home to Australia tomorrow.

Although I’ve been gone for several days, they have not finished my kitchen and everything is still a mess and unusable. I am trying to be patient, but I am screaming from my lungs a little in frustration. But, I have so much to do, guess I can work on all my other projects. Although, they have piled my kitchen on top of my kitchen table, so now I can’t really use that either. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……….

Well, guess I’ll have to go eat ice cream! lol

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