Dreams set great things in motion.

Got up and went shopping early. At 7:00am while grocery shopping, Chuck called. He was at my house, ready to work. Good news. So I finished quickly and came right home. He had spoken with the electrician and got all of the lights back on quickly. Today he put up my bathroom lights, and both porch lights. Lots more to do. I was feeling very pressured, because of a lot of business that I need to complete, and it feels never-ending. So I contacted the appropriate people and withdrew from both Twilight Wish committee, and Women’s Club Officer. But I will still be an active member. Just can’t take on the extra duties right now. Went to the Senior Center and we did get the article and picture submitted to the newspaper. Received such sad news that Craig is going into hospice. I really want to be with the family. Going to do my best to take care of a few things and get in my van, and hopefully, leave for Oregon as soon as tomorrow. It is a bad time to go. I have so much to take care of. But, I have a strong pull to go, so I feel it is the right thing to do. It is kind of a very long drive. Probably not a good idea. But I really want to be there, so am just going to have to make it work. Was going to de-winterize my van, but for several reasons, am not going to right now. Which is a problem. Can’t use the water or the bathroom. We’ll see how tomorrow goes and take it one day at a time.

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