Driving to Yorktown, Virginia

Today I am driving to Yorktown, Virginia to be with the family. Really looking forward to being with everyone. Drove to Newport News and bought shelf liner and lined my new shelves. Got organized and put everything away and threw out three more bags of extras. Always organizing in this small space. Had a delicious sundae at Baskin Robbins to congratulate myself for traveling alone across country and continuing to get more organized. Went out for a delicious lunch with Tammie, Caity, LindaRae and Phil. Then the girls all went shopping at several stores. Had a fun dinner around the kitchen table when Don came home. I am sleeping in the house in the guest bedroom. So happy, because it is Very Muggy and the van gets pretty damp. Played with the two kittens and got unpacked. So happy to get to spend time with the family.

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