Enjoy life’s new joys, new people, new paths.

The weather is warm and wonderful today!  Yea!  Had the whole day to myself and had such a wonderful day.  Went to Comcast and got a new remote control because mine was not working correctly.  Bought another pedometer.  This one doesn’t work either.  Hmmm… I see a pattern.  Had bought two separate swimsuits on eBay.  Neither fits correctly.  Listed one of them on eBay.  Hope to re-sell it.  Bought a caramel apple.  Got my rebounder CD set up so that I can start using my rebounder in my room.  Had my car washed.  Was headed to Garin Park to put on a coat of wax when – – – Service Engine Soon – – – light came on.  So came straight home.  We will take it to Dexter the mechanic in the morning.  Very Happy Day.

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