Enjoy the journey of your life. There are no endpoints. Just turning points.

Good visit to chiropractor this morning. Still looking up how to fix propane in van. Probably have to go to RV Repair for help to learn what to do. Took it easy this afternoon. Tonight Skipper, Cheri, Jean and I went to Denny’s for dinner and celebrated Cheri’s last physical therapy appointment. She still has more doctor follow-ups and exercises. It’s been a long, hard recovery and she has really given it 1000% of her efforts and she is doing so well, but she is still struggling. But she is doing great and we are all so proud of her. And happy for her. We have started Cleo on pain pills twice a day plus a third pill. She is feeling so much better and friskier. Hope this continues for her. My WINs group was just at Lake Havasu and got to see the London Bridge. Sure would have loved to been there. Looking forward to getting back with the group.

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