Saw the Opthamologist, Dr. Kari Eisley this morning.  Says I have ERM – Epi-Retinal Membrane, which is apparently what they now call the Cellophane Maculopathy.  It is permanent.  So from now on, my vision will ALWAYS be blurry.  “You’ll get used to it,”  she says.  But my vision is still good 20/30.  They don’t know what causes it.   Still having this chronic headache and trouble focusing.  She says that should have nothing to do with this ERM, that this was a long time coming and that I have just recently noticed it.  Emailed my primary doctor regarding the headache and focusing.  Hopefully, it will subside soon.  Doctor’s office called and scheduled an appointment for tomorrow morning.

Boiled my herbs for two hours.

My remote control is working really well!  I found a video on YouTube last week and used double sided scotch tape and aluminum foil behind the up and down buttons that I use most.  My remote has never worked so well!  I am so proud of myself!

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