Estherville, Iowa is where Auntie Isabel lived.  When she lived there, there were 6,000 residents.  Today, 2013, there are still 6,000 residents!  I plan on visiting Estherville, Iowa one day.

Comcast Xfinity came at 7:30am this morning and changed our telephone from AT&T to Comcast.  This afternoon I went to Kaiser Hayward and picked up a sleep kit that I am going to use tonight.  I believe it will tell us whether I have sleep apnea or not.  I return the kit tomorrow.  It just needs to register for four hours of sleep.  Immediately following my appointment, we drove dad to Kaiser  Union City to see his primary doctor for a big blotch on the bridge of his nose.  Appears he is having an allergic reaction to the tape he is using to put the plastic eye cap on his eye.  Doctor says he does not need to use the plastic eye cap and to allow his nose to heal.  He also seems to have lost 10 pounds recently, down to 151 pounds (YES!  I’m jealous!)  Doctor said just keep an eye on his weight and let him know if there seems to be a problem.  Dad says that his watch and his pants have been loser.  (YES!  I’m jealous!)  lol  We’re still putting eye drops in his eyes four times a day.  Everything is looking good.

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