Even the smallest act of kindness counts.

Let’s be honest. I am struggling. I noticed that Cheri’s car was home from work today and went to the house to check on her. She was sleeping. Apparently she has caught a cold and is not feeling well. Things started off great with Skipper.

He was all excited about the Total Eclipse of the Sun, coming next August 21st. He asked me if I would like us to take my van, to either Salem, Oregon, or Utah, or wherever they felt the best sighting might be.

It is going to be for 2 1/2 minutes.

I said sure, that sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s do it.

Somehow, the conversation came around to voting on whether to keep or ban plastic bags at the grocery store. I’m a liberal democrat. He is a conservative republican. It was no surprise to me, that we might see that from different points of view. No biggie.

But, of course, the next moment, he is screaming at me. Telling me I am stupid, and every other derogatory name. This happens too often. I am starting to pull away. Which I really don’t want to. But, I do not like being screamed at. Might as well be back with dad.

I much prefer to just be alone. Honestly. Do I feel alone. Yes, of course. But, I would rather be alone in peace, than be verbally abused every day. I’ve spent too many years with that. And I don’t see any fun in it at all. So, I am just going to continue to go forward, and find the good in others. It’s my life, and that’s what I choose.

And she lived happily ever after.

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