Even the smallest gestures remind us we are not alone.

Thought Luigi was doing fine and gave him small amounts of chicken breast yesterday and last night – and then he threw it all up in one big log.  He slept pretty well last night.  This morning he is mixed.  Wait and see.   Hopefully, today will be better for him.  I have lots and lots of “to do”.   So, off I go to run around errands.

Dad went to exercise class and then the class had their Christmas buffet lunch at their clubhouse.  I got all of my errands finished and ran over saw the movie, “The Hobbit, An Unexpected Adventure” in XD, Real D 3D.  Glad I did.  Enjoyed the movie.  Went to the Jacuzzi.  Been going to the Jacuzzi a lot recently.  Bought Luigi Solid Gold’s canned Green Tripe from Petco.  Also bought him canned chicken breast and sardines in oil.  He seems much better tonight, but I just fed him a small amount.  He ate it, but is not begging for food, so guess not a big appetite yet.  Boy, do I smell like chlorine tonight.  They must have added a bunch to the Jacuzzi today.

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