Every journey begins with a first step. Take it!

It is 1:00am in the morning.  We received a call from Gloria Texeira this evening.  Dad and I have been talking about visiting Rose Lopes, and I said that I as soon as I got over this tenacious cough, we would definitely go visit her.  Well, the care home that she has been living, put her in her wheelchair and into the van, to take her to her doctor’s appointment.  Unfortunately, the attendant did not have her supported well enough in the van, and she fell and broke five ribs.  Saturday she passed away.  I believe she was 93.  Very clear of mind.  Very fun.  Dad and she grew up together in West Oakland.  Very Italian.  Lots of personality that you just don’t see these days.  Her bones have become quite brittle this past year.  She has fractured her arm and broke her hip.  Guess this was bound to happen one way or another.  But, you know, you never really actually like it to actually happen.  (Great sentence, huh!)  So, now, Rosie is gone.  We are running out of people.  Seems like I spend most of my time writing about this phase of life.  You know, there is more to life than just the very end.  I’m not quite sure why I have to be here to witness so much of it, because honestly, I don’t care for it at all.  I like to pretend the end doesn’t even exist.  Don’t know what to say about it.  Don’t know what to feel.  I just want to get back to Living Life.  I’m getting pretty darn lazy.  haha  Well, guess I’ve always been lazy.  But, I use to get out and do things.  Hmmm….   Guess I’m most concerned about how we are going to keep dad busy.  We are running out of people to visit.  And visiting is what he likes to do most.  I’m sure it will all work out. 

Oh – I’ve been trying to tell dad for months to move his large liquor bottles from the high top shelf, to the lower middle shelf.  Of course, he will Never Never Never listen to me.  That is probably natural.  But, today he admitted he almost had a terrible accident and that he has no strength and cannot raise his right arm, and we moved his bottles to the lower shelf.  Is this good news, or bad news?  50-50.  We definitely take one day at a time.

Oh yeah – I Still Have That Chest Cough!   Arrrrggggghhhhh!!

10:00am  Dad and I went to the dining table at the clubhouse.  Lots of activity.  The Ladies Social Club having hot dogs today.  Then we went to Yanni’s and picked up corned beef and cabbage to go for Bev Morgan’s dinner.  Then we went to JC Penney’s and picked up Bill Mack’s birthday gift certificate.  Turns out there are no more books stores at all.  Good news – dad’s medical prescription book is nine years old, but… it is Still the Most Current Edition.  He is very happy.  We had lunch at McDonald’s.  Stopped by Rite-Aid and picked up some Dugan’s for dad.  Then to the Dollar Store.  Came home.  Watched TV.  Luigi threw up all over my blue TV blanket.  Threw all my clothes in and did a load of laundry.  He is a little dog.  Seven pounds.  Most of the dogs they say they can feed once a day and skip one day each week.  Luigi doesn’t seem to do too well with that.  So guess I may need to feed him a bit more often.  His little stomach gets too empty and he throws up the stomach bile.  Not a big deal.  It’s just getting to know your own dog.  Every day I read the rawfeeding yahoo group and keep learning.  I still feel good about rawfeeding.  I need to watch Luigi’s poop, as sometimes it is too loose, and sometimes he is too constipated.  This is all my fault.  I need to learn what works best for him.  One day at a time.  I am not concerned – just learning every day.  I love to learn. 

Poor Doris Motinho is in the hospital.  Has to have three blood transfusions for low blood count.  Scary!

10:00pm  Just called the Kaiser Advice Nurse about this persistent cough.  My doctor is out all week, but they made an appointment for me for tomorrow morning.  Yeah!  Can’t wait to get rid of this cough!


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  1. Michael Sean O'Brien says:

    Hi Sis.., wish you would let me back into your life. I miss you and the family, before they are ALL gone. Sad.., but true. I believe, that we can be close again and I can help on some family health issues.. Everybody says.., it’s up to you. I love you and I know it. I have, for a very, very long time.. Let’s start a conversation and break the ice and begin a new, a new life within the family, and the future looks bright. Taking care of people or being a ‘care giver’ is a tough job and maybe a little help would be nice. Please sis, give me a chance.. Looking forward to your reply. I love you.., Mike O’Brien or ‘Gary’ .., I hated that name and I’ll be glad to explain why.. Once again, “I love you.” Give me a fighting chance, sis.. For some reason, we are in this together.., however with respect and love, it’s your decision. Love ya.., Mike in Montana 🙂 Phone: (406) 299-2191 E-mail: mttrailboss@bresnan.net or 203 Missoula Ave. Butte, Montana (MT) 59701-8443, mail drop and pick up in Butte, Montana. P.S.: Yes.., it’s true, I do have a working cattle ranch in Montana within the ‘Big Hole Valley’ and I love it. Look it up on a map of Montana, Wise River and Wisdom, Montana, just south of Butte on I-15 to Divide and then west on Montana 43 to Dewey, Wise River and Wisdom, Montana. We call it, “God’s country” or “The Last Best Pace”, which is a very good book on southwestern Montana, pick it up, I think, you will enjoy the book.. Please.., let’s talk or begin a converation via phone, letter or e-mail. I will NOT hurt anybody, especially you. I love you, sis…, Mike O’Brien 🙂

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