Every step, big or small, counts.

Feeling very overwhelmed today. Things are happening too quickly. Went to my second personal fitness training session. Enjoyed it very much. Placed a six-month freeze on my 24 Hour Fitness membership. After my laser eye surgery tomorrow, which I pray goes correctly this time – I have no idea what direction I am going in. Also, a lot of my eye problems and driving problems, I believe have to do with my macular pucker, epi-retinal membrane. I so hope, that over a period of time, Protandim can help reverse my eye problems. Doubtful, but I don’t want to give up hope. So, if driving, especially the big van, proves too much, I will accept it, and decide something else. There’s more to life than driving around in a big van.

Yes, of course, I went and saw the Spider-Man movie tonight. Lol. I liked it.

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