Every success story has a first step. Take yours!

There is an app on the iPhone called LetGo. I posted my popcorn machine and sold it today. I loved it, but my new popcorn maker is simpler and doesn’t take up so much space. I cut up lots and lots of boxes. Moved my Teeter Inversion Table into the office. CoCo called and talked for three hours tonight. They bought a Sleep Number bed and gave me as a referral, and I am going to receive a $100 certificate to use at any Sleep Number. That was sure fun news. Used my Phillips Air Fryer for the first time today. It was pretty loud, made lots of smoke. Had to turn on the fan and open the window. And it only made six chicken wings at a time. And it is messy. But the wings were Delicious! Might get the extra basket so that you can make twice as many at one time. Takes 25 minutes. That is a lot longer than I had expected. So, I officially cooked. Seems like a lot of work, but those wings sure were good. I’m going to try it again tomorrow. And no oil! Somehow, I just am not losing weight. Gotta keep trying.
Loved my bubble bath tonight. That new pillow and especially the overflow cover, sure makes it a more luxurious experience. Very Happy.

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