Everything always works out in the end.

Everything always works out in the end.  This is what Jason says is his mantra at www.bodeswell.com   Sounds like a good one.  Think I’ll use it.

Took my car to C&D Automotive on Mission this morning to put in new struts.  Fortunately, as I was parking my car, the engine started RACING.  I have been to Bevilacqua, Jim’s Automotive, and Dexter, all Great mechanics but the car never races when they check it and no one can help me fix it.  Chinh thinks he can fix it and so we are leaving my car until Monday.  Dad and I went to Kaiser to pick up more eye drops – and his Service Engine Soon light came on!  We got nervous and came straight home.  Monday, when we pick up my car, we will leave dad’s car and have them service his car.

Bill came over tonight and told us that Luigi was adopted by a lady right here in our park.  At first, I was upset, being so close.  But, Eleanor lives across the street from Bev Morgan, who has Cookie (Auntie Dorothy’s dog).  Bev always told us about Eleanor and her dog Murphy and how Murphy and Cookie and Bev always came back and forth between houses and were great friends.  Murphy died about a year ago.  This has been super emotional to say the least, I can’t begin to describe all the emotions that are flooding through me – but, I do know that Luigi is in an amazing home with TONS of LOVE.  Eleanor has changed his name, which is good, and loves to play with him.  You know he likes to play, play, play, play.  I am super happy for Luigi, and super sad for missing him so much.  Can’t wait for tomorrow to feel better.  If not tomorrow, certainly Monday.

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