Expect great things from today. It has so much to offer!

Boy, am I getting good at cutting up cardboard boxes. I have been getting so many packages, I have lost count. And I have to cut all the boxes up to fit into the recycling cans. Today the wind was blowing so hard, all the cans opened up and fell over. So I put them next to the fence and placed bricks on them.
When the wind is this bad, all the loud noise comes down through my swamp cooler, so I went on Amazon today and order canvas covers. Hopefully, they will arrive soon and we can have them put on, and it might quiet things down. Had delicious tacos with the family and their house is so quiet. Hopefully, mine will be too. It is only loud when we have high winds – which Barstow definitely get HIGH winds.
So many things keep happening at the same time, I like it, but I’d like to catch up. Some of my “Must” list keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list. I notice the days and weeks keep ticking by, and I am not getting some of the most important things done, because of all the extras that keep popping up. I need to either slow down, or focus more. Generally, that makes me want to take a nap. lol

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