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I got to thinking, there are a lot of things that I post on my Facebook, that I really would also like to post on my blog.  There is so much to learn about using WordPress.org and I just haven’t taken the time to learn yet.  I’m always so busy reading and enjoying so many other peoples blogs and YouTube videos and don’t spend any time on my own.  I think I would really like to blog and video about eating healthy and getting to a healthy weight.  What’s stopping me?  Oh yeah – I haven’t started yet!   hahahahahahahahaaaa

This morning, dad and I had brunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at Norman’s Restaurant in Castro Valley.  Lots of fun.  This afternoon we took dad for a physical at Kaiser.  We made the appointment because his arm/shoulder is worse, his back is worse, his leg is worse, his hernia is larger, his arthritis is worse.  You know, old age.  It sucks.  He shrunk one more inch and is now down to 5’2″.  One more inch to go and he will be my height!  The Very Good News though is that he is Very Healthy.  We were so happy to hear that.  We came home and had a great spaghetti dinner and Lived Happily Ever After.  Peace of Mind is a Good Thing. 



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