Extraordinary. That’s what you are!

What a gorgeous day. Got up early. Did the laundry.
Went to Fathom Events and saw The Iron Giant. First time I have ever seen it. It has been remastered from about 15 years ago.
Really enjoyed it.

Drove back to Spirit Mountain. Filled my propane. Dumped my black tank and filled my water. Took a few minutes to figure out what the “by-pass valve” is – but I did it. I am so proud of myself.

Today is supposedly National Taco Day – so I had tacos!

Am trying the spoonful of metamucil for weight loss. Starting slowly. A little leery. Don’t want any big surprises. Kaiser told me about it a few years ago. Now seems like the appropriate time to give it a try. Turns out I am not too swift with the losing weight. Guess that’s why I’ve been heavy for such a long time. Keep thinking that if I can get the weight off, more likely to keep most of it off. Sure hope so.

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