While at my appointment with Dr. Mitchell Tsao for my congested chest, I mentioned that something scary is going on with my head/eyes especially while driving.  At first, he said that I should go to my doctor immediately.  Then he thought about it, and included acupuncture and herbs for my liver and gave me these eye exercises to do three times a day until (hopefully) I feel better and then to do them once or twice a day forever from then on.

Eye Exercises

Roll closed eyes 35 times clockwise.

Roll closed eyes 35 time counter clockwise.

With “intention” behind eyes – open eyes and “push out quickly” with intention – three times.  (Close, Open, Push;  Close, Open, Push;  Close, Open, Push).

With index fingers on eyebrows, and folded thumbs under eyes, have hands go round and round quickly 35 times.

Dad and I spent a couple of hours with Eleanor and Luie (Luigi).  Very fun.  Then I went swimming for a couple of hours and came home and did a couple loads of laundry.



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