Face it: you’re amazing!

Slept in the van at Uncle Joe’s last night. Went to Pleasanton 24-Hour Fitness this morning. Then came to Hayward. Had an eye examination at Costco and we agreed to just have the distance for driving filled, so then I came to LensCrafters and had a pair of glasses made in an hour. Can see so much better to drive. I know my eyes will change and also I really will need the progressives, but for now, driving ability is my most pressing need. One Day at a Time.

Went to Claudia’s for my electrolysis finally. Yea. Must be back in Hayward. Went to the movies tonight and saw Wings 3D and kept the 3D glasses and “walked”. (Wink wink) across the hall and saw Edge of Tomorrow 3D with Tom Cruise.

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