Fayetteville, North Carolina

Enjoyed the ride to Fayetteville, North Carolina. Sadly, I did receive terrible news from a phone call from Bill Mack. Last week Carol took Sadie out for their daily walk across the street from the park and a large, off-leash, dog – with his owner – grabbed Sadie – and so sadly – killed her. Carol was covered in blood, and by the time they reached the veterinarian, Sadie was already dead. She was only about 12 pounds and only seven years old. My heart breaks for Bill and Carol. They had a hearing and I believe are going to take the man to small claims court. They are definitely going to get another dog. The house is so void and empty, it is hard to come home. We know the feeling.

Almost every afternoon, there are thunderstorms and lightening. And if you are watching TV – half of the program is beeped out with weather warnings. Why can’t they just run the writing. Why do they have to beep out all of the audio.

Roberta Fitzgerald, who I went to school with, lives here in North Carolina. She messaged me, and we are going to meet and have lunch at Red Robin’s Gourmet Burgers here in Fayetteville Saturday afternoon. Will be fun to hear what she has been up to the last 46 years. Yikes! Has it been that long? How the heck old am I???

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