Feed your dreams. Hope!

1:30am  Luigi had to go outside.  Dad was up.  He is going stir-crazy.  Wants to play with his tablet (which hasn’t arrived yet) or his MP3 Player.  I just finished charging the MP3 Player on my laptop.  Two minutes later – dad is in my room – “How do I turn this on”?  Uh Oh this is going to be a long journey. lol  He even forgot that he needs to use the earbuds to listen.  I really don’t know much myself, so this will definitely be the blind leading the blind.  Maybe I can send him over to Jake to help.  haha

6:30pm  Great day.  Dad is learning to use his MP3 Player.  Also, his Tablet has Arrived!  We are charging it for 12 hours.  Very exciting!

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