Find answers in your dreams.  Your intuition talks to you every night – Dreaming is our mind’s way of resolving problems or fulfilling desires.  And we create those solutions and desires subconsciously, by drawing on all the knowledge stored in our brains!

*Sixth-sense booster:  Keep a journal on your nightstand to record what you dreamed the night before.  Then see what messages your mind is sending you!

Went to Dr. Hightower, Chiropractor for head.  Still feeling dizzy and having trouble with driving.  Went to Best Buy and bought the new Kindle Paperwhite.  Went to Dr. Tsao, Acupuncture for chest and he is also treating my head.  Emailed my Kaiser doctor about my head.  Hmmmmm……  I want to be Healthy!  This doctor stuff is not for me.

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