Find the top doctors.  Ask Associations!  Contact the group related to your condition.  Such as for arthritis, ask the Arthritis Foundation to recommend a specialist.  They’ll know some of the top doctors for your ailment.   Also, find a physician highly rated by her peers at .  Cross check that list with “U.S. News'” top hospitals at for the best care!  Also, look for a physician performing clinical trials.  They’re often the first to know of cutting-edge treatments!  Find a list of thousands of current clinical trials at .

This morning dad and I went to Uncle Joe’s and took him to the bank and got a lot of his banking completed.  Whilel we were visiting, Pam, the Manager called.  Looks like an apartment downstairs is coming available I the next month or so.  That should help lower his rent, once he’s moved.  Then we all went out to Tina’s for coffee and donuts.  This afternoon I went swimming for an hour and a half.  Loved it, but started getting very shaky.  Oh Yea!  I’ve only had two sugar donuts to eat all day.  Duh!  lol  Came home and had Chinese take-out left-overs for dinner.  Love it!  Cooked my herbs.  Talked to CoCo for an hour on the phone.  Uncle Joe called tonight, all worried and upset Tommy was not there.  A few hours later Tommy called him.  Uncle Joe had forgotten that Tommy had told him that he had made other plans for tonight.  Uncle Joe has been having a lot of mental confusion.   Also, Cheri says she gets to leave the hospital Saturday and take a six-hour ambulance ride to stay at her brothers house for the next two to three months.   She is a little nervous, naturally.  But, it is definitely a good thing.


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