First Visit to Calico Ghost Town

Got up early and took my usual 6:00am walk around the block. Might as well enjoy early morning walks, while the weather is still warm and pleasant. Then did a little shopping. And then drove to Calico Ghost Town. I have been wanting to go to Calico for forty years. And today was the day. Just felt in the mood. Really enjoyed it. Actually, I walked slowly. Talked to shopkeepers. Looked at everything. But, did not finish. After about three hours, I decided Calico is so nice and close, that I will come back again another day. It’s a small town, and I just enjoyed strolling and taking my time. I went nice and early, and when I left, the tour buses were really starting to pull in. And you know, I like it nice and quiet, and not crowded. So it was perfect for me.

Came back to town, finished a little more shopping. Got home. Took care of quite a few things. And no, no sign of Handyman Raymond. His trailer is still parked in the middle of my torn-up front yard. I don’t even want to call him. He never follows through, so why waste my time listening to non-truth. Not my thing. Took a shower and now doing lots of computer things.

Hey, good news. Ordered an adjustable, stretchy belt today. Yep, you guessed it. My pants are starting to fall down. I LOVE IT!

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