Follow you bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.

Yesterday moved into Timeshare Suite with jacuzzi. Honestly, this place is larger than my house. lol
Large bedroom with jacuzzi, double sinks in bathroom, washing machine, two televisions, living room with office, dining room, full kitchen with regular refrigerator, dishwasher, and everything else you can imagine, chandelier. I can’t even name everything. This is some place. Remote controlled drapes and shears. Just too much fun. Definitely feeling spoiled. Of course, my favorite part was the jacuzzi. It is huge and amazing. I may have to live in it while I am here. lol

Last night ate at Benihana’s. Wonderful presentation and really great people at our table to enjoy with.
Then later in the evening, I went to the Purple Reign show, based on Prince’s show. Fantastic. This was their very last night at this location. They are moving over to the International.

And, of course, last night, Barbra Streisand was on for the full hour, with Jimmy Fallon. Her tour is ending, and her new CD is coming out. I have ordered the one from Target with the Bonus Tracks. It is arriving Tuesday. Can’t wait!

Today enjoyed fried chicken and waffles at Sids Cafe downstairs. Also, my big, oversized jacuzzi in my room. I need one of these!!!! lol

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