Foot Relexology

This morning had my foot reflexology appointment that I won from the raffle. Christie Young is the massage therapist and she is really good. I scheduled a second appointment with her for tomorrow, since Friday is our last day here. Here is what she taught me in our forty minute session. Left kidney. She didn’t suggest specifically what to do about that. Acid reflux. Take a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water. Keep a glass of water by bedside for nighttime thirst. Drink ginger tea. Use ginger essential oils on bottom of foot and pads of hands. Thyroid, for hypothyroid, hang neck over side of bed. Morning, turn head to side and raise knees. Type A positive blood, eat mostly vegetables, some lean meat, no dairy. Go to Costco and buy Nutri-bullet for green smoothies and always eat one boiled egg for breakfast. This is condensed because she was very helpful. For the rest of the day, I was pretty wiped out and experienced some strong digestive issues. Drinking water and taking it easy getting lots of rest.

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