Getting lost is not a waste of time.

Spent much of the early morning on “Chat Now” getting my printer set up. Printer seems very happy now. Met up with Rudy at the Treasure Mall. It is Huge. Two buildings side-by-side, with upstairs, and downstairs, and so much vintage furniture and “Everything”. Bought two chest of drawers – be nice not having everything strewn on the carpet. Also, bought an adorable wood kitchen table. It only comes with two chairs, which are great chairs. Might be good there are only two chairs, as this is a tiny duplex, with a tiny space for kitchen table. I should take a picture of the table, it is so cute. Rudy is going to bring everything over tomorrow. This afternoon I went to Home Depot. Took pictures of the new sink faucets with sprayer, bathroom faucets, new toilet, and new kitchen sink. Rudy will pick them up this week and install them. Also, installing garbage disposal. I bought an under-the-sink Britta water filter, so when I turn on the kitchen faucet all of the water is filtered. We had a fabulous dinner. Cheri baked a chicken, dressing, gravy, vegetables, and pumpkin pies. Feels like a holiday. Even watched some football, but I started to get too relaxed, so now I am all cozy and tucked in back here. This is going to be aa Very Busy Week. Skipper and I are leaving for Las Vegas Tuesday morning.

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