Girls Day in Belize

Craig, Jim and Don went golfing with Mike and Jessi and five of their friends. They were delayed but finally made it to Church Key Island for golf. I swam in our beautiful pool for a couple of hours. Then LindaRae, Tammie, Katie and I went to town and had lunch, went shopping in a lot of the little stores, had ice cream at DandE’s ice cream. The boys were delayed getting back, but got back about 5:45pm. They all had a great time.

We went out for dinner across the street from our Tranquility Beach Club condo to Lone Star Restaurant for a delicious
tex-mex dinner. Had a long talk with the owner, Mark, and learned a lot about things here in San Pedro. Then we had drinks at Victoria House. Twice today, we ran in to the couple who sat with us on the plane from Houston. Also meeting lots of oeople here that are from Oregon. Also, people who have moved here permanently.

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