Give life your best!

Took dad to Dr. Hardy, his dermatologist to check his moles.  Dad tends to get lots of moles and a few cases of melanoma (scary).  Today Dr. Hardy removed a growth from dad’s right ear, took pictures of several suspicious moles, and said to come back in six months.  So, generally, this was a good visit.  Just cautious. 

Dad and Bill Mack were out delivering the Courier, the park’s monthly magazine in Bill’s golf cart when the batteries died.  They love to deliver fliers and such all the time, but that may be drawing to a close.  The golf cart batteries are getting old and are expensive to replace.  I did a little running around and enjoying the beautiful afternoon.  I’m feeling itchy to go traveling.  Need to reign myself back in.  No traveling for me while living with dad.  Need to focus on enjoying be healthy and no financial worries for right now.  Reading Roger Moore’s PHD,  ebook ” Becoming Slender for Life”, self-hypnosis makes the difference.  Starting his one-minute self-hypnosis.   I actually was a certified hypnotherapist and had my own office years back, but got lazy and haven’t used it for years.  Kinda feel like getting back in touch with it again.  Don’t want to get too motivated, because dad really doesn’t like it when I do anything.  haha  Such is life.  I feel like this is where I need to be right now.  Will I regret it later in life.  Sure hope not.  But, I think I’ll dip my toe back into the water.  You know how you like to go full-force!  But, in my case, right now, that is not the best way.  It is a balancing act.  Be nice if I could lose some weight and balance.  haha  It’s all good.

Aahh…. It always helps to express what you are discontent about.  Tonight I went to the Jacuzzi and they had a small Tai Chi Class at the clubhouse.  Think I will go back down there soon and join them.  I took a Tai Chi class a few years ago and really enjoyed it in a group setting.  But that class charged a fee, and I’m pretty sure our clubhouse does not.  There were just four people there tonight, nice and small.  I like that.  Yes – something to look forward to!

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