Give this day everything you’ve got!

Pretty simple day.  Worked on updating my new, free Android App “Birthday Reminder”.  After hours of that, I realized, really, I should have been updating my Google Contacts with all this birthday info.  lol  Do I know how to waste time or what.  Bill and Carol Mack brought us over Tons of good food.  Chicken, pumpkin pie, lemon pie, deviled eggs, some fancy meat, lemonade, lots of fish cioppino.  We went to the store and bought  French bread and groceries.  Little Luigi does not want to eat his chicken thigh.  I think I’d better switch him to beef.  I think his tummy can handle it.  I watched some videos and it appeared the dogs enjoyed the beef much more than the chicken.  These little dogs can be so finicky.  And Luigi is never much into food anyway.  He would always rather be playing with his toys.  So you really have to entice him to eat.  Sure enjoyed this nice, simple day.  Oh, I guess I had bought pork neck bones.  Sure hope that is okay for now for Luigi.  Well, the pork neck bones were still completely frozen, so Luigi, after begging and crying, lol, finally settled on the chicken thigh tonight.  For the first time, dad just saw Luigi eating it, and made a big face.  Very funny.  Honestly, it does look gunky.  But, I still feel like it is the right thing to do.  Guess I’m still holding my breath.  One day at a time.

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