Give your dreams your best and the rest is easy!

Had a good night’s sleep in the van. Time to get back on the road. This is a very long drive. Honestly, not sure I can get there today. Most likely tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. GPS says about 8 hours, which for me is about 16 hours, and I don’t really want to drive 16 hours in one day in the van. Weather is nice. Think I will just enjoy the journey. Definitely happy to be back in the van. Forgot how much I enjoy it. Kind of makes me ready for a little adventure.

It’s 9:00am and I am in Corning. Message light came on that I have 4% engine oil remaining. No one is open here or Red Bluff on Sunday. After deciding I would spend the day here, Justin came and checked my oil. My oil is full. Just time to change the oil. Whew! What a relief. Going to stop and brush my teeth and have a bite to eat and get back on the road. Never a dull moment. So relieved.

Went across the street to The Iron Skillet and enjoyed steak and eggs for breakfast. That was delicious.

1:00pm I’m in Weed. Pulled over to take a nap. Hopefully, if I can get to Oregon tomorrow, I first need to go to Jiffy Lube in Oregon City for an oil change; and Les Schwab for tire rotation. Also, I really would feel better if I could slip in an extremely needed pedicure and blonde highlights. Seriously. You know, I still have not filed my taxes. How long is my extension? Also, brought some paperwork with me that seriously needs tending to. I’m feeling stressed. Need to nap and rejuvenate.

Doing pretty well. Should get quite a bit accomplished in Salem tomorrow. Cross fingers.

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