Give yourself a chance!

Skipper and I had our Monday morning weekly telephone real estate meeting with Craig.
These are scheduled to occur every Monday morning for at least the next thirty weeks.
Then we had our Monday night group phone meeting.
Tonight was about Buyers and we have a lot of homework from these two meetings.

Rudy came by tonight and looked at the list of things to be done – again.
He is coming back tomorrow morning. Hoping he gets a lot accomplished.
So many little things that need to be completed.

On my way back to Skippers tonight – I fell – Again! My poor body. It was dark out and I veered off my driveway onto my dirt/sand front yard – and plop – down I went.
Scraped up all over. Hit my head. Scraped my hands and really bloodied my knee.
My thumb still hasn’t healed from the last fall.
It was dark out both times I fell. It is very dark.
Good excuse to jump back into my cozy sleep number bed!

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