Give yourself some credit!

Dad had a bit of diarrhea in bed last night, so decided not to go to exercise this morning.  Says he is feeling better though.  Today I bought a new mattress cover and some cool boxer short assurance type pads.  He says he doesn’t want them, but I feel better just having them in the house.  We have already had about four incidents this year.  I got out of the house today for my own sanity.  Had a nice day.  Went to Ranch 99, an Asian market.  Went to the one in Dublin, Pleasanton and Fremont.  Pleasanton was my favorite, and of course, the farthest.  Went to post office, Walmart, Subway, 7-11, Starbucks, Fremont Hub, Ross,   Took a nice walk.  Over 6,000 steps.  Going swimming and to the Jacuzzi.  Bought Luigi some lamb.  He liked it.

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