Give yourself the gift of realizing how special you are!

Uncle Joe is sick with a cold, so Auntie Isabel cancelled her hair appointment here in Hayward and we did not have our Family Lunch today.  The cleaning ladies came this morning.  Dad and I went to the dining table at the clubhouse – and stayed for three hours!  Fun morning.  Then dad and I and Bev Morgan all went to Yanni’s Café at the car auction and had lunch.  They have a special menu for people from New England Village – all lunches $5.00 – including soda.  Great lunch.  It is a beautiful day today.  Last night I woke up with a sore throat and now my nose is getting pretty active.  Took some Dayquil.  Still feeling pretty healthy.  Hoping it gets better and not worse.  Yea, right.  lol  “Might” try something tonight.  Let you know if I do.  Going to take a little rest now.

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