Gloucester County Courthouse Square Historic District

We have enjoyed exploring Yorktown over our visit. We have been to Yorktown Colonial Park – where our family – and everyone there – were evacuated just before the 4th of July Fireworks – which they never did do the fireworks – And also It Never Rained that Night. Though we definitely had fun making s’mores in the backyard with the family. We have been to the Yorktown Victory Monument and to local historic museums in Yorktown and Gloucester. Today, Tammie, LindaRae, Kat and I went to Gloucester County Courthouse Square Historic District and the docent again spent lots of time explaining the history with us and taking us through the historic buildings, including debtor’s prison and showing us all about where Pocahontas and father and family were. There is so much American history in Virginia. Looking forward to future visits.

We had lunch at Olivia’s in the Village Restaurant. I had the delicious Seafood Olivia’s. Then we stopped by at the Short Lane Ice Cream and I had the sampler again. Including Spumoni. Delicious. Of course I had a caramel apple with almonds for breakfast! Kicked back and enjoyed some quiet on the porch rocking in the rocking chair later in the day. Then friends, John and Traci, came for a fabulous oolio oolio dinner and stayed till midnight. A very full day.

Had a rough night sleeping last night. Gave my room to Kat and I moved in with LindaRae. Restless sleeper. Up till 1:30am last night. Kat and Caity were asleep on the furniture downstairs. Slept about an hour in my van. Just Too Hot. 3:30am the girls still asleep downstairs. Crawled into the empty bed upstairs. So tonight, I am back in my original room, and Kat is sleeping in Caity’s room. The girls are getting along great and we are really enjoying them.

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