Go natural, get healthy!

Poor Luigi.  Thought he was doing better.  I’ve done several loads of laundry with sheets, blankets, bedspread, clothing.  He seems to be doing better.  I expressed his anal glands twice today.  Spoke with the veterinarian and gave him a small amount of canned chicken breast – but it all came back up.  He can’t keep anything down, and he is having lots of problems going to the bathroom.  Gave him and me a good thorough shower.  He smells sweet and clean.  Bought and downloaded Dan Scott’s “Real Food for Dogs”.  Told dad I am going to try the raw meat diet for Luigi and he seems to be agreeable.  Filled up Luigi’s bowl with pure, filtered water, but he doesn’t want anything quite yet.  Luigi is a small apricot, seven-pound toy poodle.  I can feed him raw chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, fish, sardines, mackerel, herring, pork, rabbit, goat, pheasant, duck, quail, green tripe, raw eggs, vegetables, offal, liver, ox tail, beef tail.  For little dogs they are recommending starting with necks, wings and thighs. 

Sure hope Luigi is feeling better and able to hold down his food tomorrow.  He is so sweet.


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